JMR Works

Woodworker • Maker


Hello there, I'm Joe

I make things. I make things mostly out of wood and metal. I also make things out of things like ones and zeros, graphite and anything else that I come accross. When I make things, no matter the material, I try my very best to make that thing functional, long lasting and low impact on the environment.

You can feel good about buying and using something that I've made.


What i do

I make things with a focus on usability, quality and longevity.

These are some of the things that I do.


Woodworking using locally sourced wood and handmade glues and finishes. A focus on traditional woodworking techniques. I keep it old-school and low impact.


Metal acquired locally, using handmade finishes. A focus on traditional metalworking techniques. I keep it old-school and low impact.

Web Design

I make HTML websites. Need a website? I'm your guy!

Graphic Design

I make everything from posters and icons to business cards and web graphics. If you need graphic design services, I'm your guy.

3d Design

I make 3d things digitally using programs like Fusion 360 and Blender. Need a 3D model? Yep, I'm your guy!


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